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Aquapontics Hydroponics » SUPERthrive - 480ml

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SUPERthrive - 480ml

SUPERthrive - 480ml

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50 in 1 vitamins and hormones. SUPERthrive has been proven on billions of plants, by millions of growers. Far easier success at growing your plants. This unique blend of vitamins and hormones helps to grow stronger plants with bigger flowers.

SUPERthrive can be used for any of the following:

  1. Indoor Plants - To see more new flowers and leaves, healthier, stronger - more beautiful
  2. Outdoor Plants - To start new foliage action, shooting down, up and filling-in
  3. Bare Roots - To start new root action
  4. Flowering - To get more flowers, longer and more beautiful
  5. Seedlings - to plant them all safely, uniformly - and growing more strongly
  6. Trees - To get Two years growth in one?
  7. Fruiting - For earlier, heavier bearing
  8. Bulbs - To start them vigorously, beating soil-rot, hastening better blooming
  9. Seeds - To help germination percentage and speed. Earlier, better yields, including vegetables
  10. Lawns - To make quicker, deeper, tougher turf from seed, sod, stolons, sprigs, hydro-seeding



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