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Aquapontics Hydroponics » Diamond Carbon Filter - 125/300 - 360m3/hour

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Diamond Carbon Filter - 125/300 - 360m<sup>3</sup>/hour

Diamond Carbon Filter - 125/300 - 360m3/hour

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Diamacarb™ is the latest discovery in activated carbon for air streams. Diamacarb™ is now being predominantly manufactured specifically for the removal of Mercaptans from natural gas (natural gas has no odour and Mercaptans are added to natural gas to give its tell-tale smell). The Mercaptan odour in natural gas is in diluted form, however highly odorous. Our carbon is used by natural gas distributors for its removal in higher concentrations found by the public. It’s the high activity of Diamacarb™ that lends itself to being the perfect carbon for use in the Hydroponic industry.

Part of the process involves the removal of odours and air suspended organic components that also release odours that may pass through. The Pore size and shape of Diamacarb™ answers the problem by having a conical shaped pore size which acts on both molecules without premature blinding of the pore. It contains both Mesopore (for organics) and Micropores ( for the smaller odour molecules). This makes it a true multipurpose carbon for both inlet and outlet air filtration.

The particle size is 6 mm average, slightly larger than the average pellet so that air flow loss is minimized and heat can be extracted efficiently from required area.

Simply put, the carbon works faster and less odour passes by the carbon on its way out to the atmosphere. In most greenroom situations, an exhaust fan isn’t matched to maintain optimal (slower) flow rates, to give the less absorbant carbon a chance to do its job. The high activity and conical shaped mesopores of Diamacarb™ solves this problem, as it adsorbs quicker, so extractor fan mismatches are more easily accounted for.

Diamacarb™ is more consistent in both activity and density than other competing carbons, which leads to a more consistent product for the market place. Due to the higher mechanical strength of Diamacarb™, there is less dust and fines, which ultimately makes for a cleaner filter, that is more suitable for in room scrubbing and cool tube/ light tube applications.

Diamacarb™ is manufactured in brand new state of the art facilities, which ensures more consistent activation and a more regular and uninterrupted supply of quality activated carbon. Due to the coal stream location, its manufacturing location, Diamacarb™ can be produced at a high standard and more cost effectively than other carbons from around the world.

Experience the Diamacarb™ difference today...

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