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Hydrozone Ozone Generator with Timer

Hydrozone Ozone Generator with Timer

Price: £200.00

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The Hydrozone makes Ozone (O3), which neutralises odours at source. Ozone safely alters the molecular structure of offensive micro-organisims to eliminate smells. It also kills mould, mildew and bacteria.

The Hydrozone is specially made for the hydroponics market unlike other units available. It is safe and flexible, using technology that offers better, more controlled results compared with existing ultraviolet technology. The unit will treat the same size area as others on the market such as the Uvonair 5000. We also supply Ozone Test Badges for piece of mind. The unit can be used either inside or outside a grow room to control odours. Spare parts are affordable and the unit is the easiest on the market to service and maintain.

Benefits of the Hydrozone over UV Technology:

  • Fully adjustable output
    A fully adjustable output is fitted as standard to enable the output to be matched to the requirements of the room
  • Built in programmable timer models
    This model option enables a unit to function during 8 different time periods per day and 7 days per week. Permits complete control flexibility to optimise performance.
  • Broad output range
    The Hydrozone range provides almost 50% more ozone than camparable ultraviolet based products which, coupled with their unique contallability, enables one size of unit to cover almost every size of application from small to large.
  • Initial cost
    The product range is very competitively priced compared with ultraviolet systems.
  • Low running costs
    Running costs typically 40% less that ultraviolet units.
  • Safety
    No harmful radiation or risk of injury to eyes.
  • Installation
    Simple to install with full set up instructions to ensure correct use. Optional ozone test kits are available to validate installation.
  • Serviceability
    Very simple to clean and service with no special tools or skills required. Full instructions are provided.
  • Replacement
    No expensive replacement parts.
  • UK Manufacture
    All replacement parts and technical support promptly available.

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