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Aquapontics Hydroponics » Grodan 1.2m Vital Slab 15/75

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Grodan 1.2m Vital Slab 15/75

Grodan 1.2m Vital Slab 15/75

Price: £4.50

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Grodan rockwool growing slab represents the finest in Dutch growing technology and it is the slab most widely used throughout the world by commercial and hobby growers!

This new generation of slabs from Grodan replaces the Expert slab and offers the same superior quality with the addition of being simpler to water, safer to buffer and due to its more open fibrous structure – offers faster root development. The nature of the new fibres also delivers a firmer slab which guarantees a stable root volume right up until the end of the cultivation cycle.

These slabs are wrapped in a co-extruded white/black plastic film designed to keep light away from the slab and with UV inhibitors to allow use for up to two years.



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