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Deep Clean 50ml

Deep Clean 50ml

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Deep ImpactTM, DEEP CLEAN is specifically formulated for the amateur home and garden user. It is a Bio Stimulant / Nutrient Complex Toll Manufactured in the United Kingdom EXCLUSIVLY for Deep ImpactTM.

DEEP CLEAN’s primary objective is to offers plants many positive benefits whilst providing a new lease of life as well as an extra added boost, a wetting agent has been added which not only improves uptake and translocation, but makes the application safe, and encourages the plants to produce its own stress reducing agents to aid recovery and prevent disease. You can apply DEEP CLEAN to healthy plants and those stressed and in need of some extra care. You will notice an improvement almost immediately.

As if that's not enough, Deep ImpactTM DEEP CLEAN stimulates the plants own natural resistance to defend against potential predatory infestation.



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