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Aquapontics » Grow Schedules » Plagron Hydro Grow

Week ►1234567891011
Phase ►growgrowbloombloombloombloombloombloombloombloomharvest
Light Hours ►1818121212121212121212
Plagron Roots ►100 ml*          
Enzymes ►10 ml10 ml10 ml10 ml10 ml      
Hydro A ►5 ml5 ml6 ml7 ml7.5 ml8 ml8 ml8 ml8 ml8 ml 
Hydro B ►10 ml10 ml12 ml14 ml15 ml16 ml16 ml16 ml16 ml16 ml 
Green Sensation ►     10 ml10 ml10 ml10 ml10 ml 

The dosages are per 10 litre and have to be applied with every watering.
* Only with the first watering.


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